eLaws of Florida



SECTION 250.01. Definitions.
SECTION 250.02. Militia.
SECTION 250.03. Military law of the state.
SECTION 250.04. Naval militia; marine corps.
SECTION 250.05. Department of Military Affairs.
SECTION 250.06. Commander in chief.
SECTION 250.07. Florida National Guard; composition; departmental organization.
SECTION 250.08. Florida National Guard organized.
SECTION 250.09. Appropriations, property, and equipment.
SECTION 250.10. Appointment and duties of the Adjutant General.
SECTION 250.115. Department of Military Affairs direct-support organization.
SECTION 250.116. Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Program.
SECTION 250.12. Appointment of commissioned and warrant officers.
SECTION 250.16. Authority to incur charge against state.
SECTION 250.175. Trust funds; authorization; name; purpose.
SECTION 250.18. Commissioned officers and warrant officers; clothing and uniform allowance.
SECTION 250.19. Expenses for travel on military business.
SECTION 250.20. Armory operations; allowances.
SECTION 250.22. Retirement.
SECTION 250.23. Pay for state active duty.
SECTION 250.24. Pay and expenses; appropriation; procedures.
SECTION 250.25. Governor and Chief Financial Officer authorized to borrow money.
SECTION 250.26. Transfer of funds.
SECTION 250.28. Military support to civil authorities.
SECTION 250.29. Duty of officer receiving order to provide emergency aid to civil authority; penalty for failure to comply.
SECTION 250.30. Orders of civil authorities; tactical direction of troops; efforts to disperse before attack.
SECTION 250.31. Liability of members of the organized militia; defense of actions or proceedings.
SECTION 250.32. Commanding officer’s control of arms sales.
SECTION 250.33. Powers of commanding officer on state active duty.
SECTION 250.34. Injury or death on state active duty.
SECTION 250.341. Cancellation of health insurance.
SECTION 250.35. Courts-martial.
SECTION 250.351. Court-martial; jurisdiction.
SECTION 250.36. Mandates and process.
SECTION 250.37. Expenses of courts-martial.
SECTION 250.375. Medical officer authorization.
SECTION 250.38. Liability.
SECTION 250.39. Penalty for contempt.
SECTION 250.40. Armory Board; creation; membership, terms, and compensation; duties and responsibilities.
SECTION 250.43. Wearing of uniform and insignia of rank; penalty.
SECTION 250.44. Military equipment regulations; penalties.
SECTION 250.45. Military uniform discriminated against; penalty.
SECTION 250.46. Salaried employees not entitled to additional pay.
SECTION 250.47. Governor’s permission for unit to leave state.
SECTION 250.48. Leaves of absence.
SECTION 250.481. Reserve components; employment discrimination prohibited.
SECTION 250.4815. Professional license of servicemember not to expire while member on federal active duty.
SECTION 250.482. Troops ordered into state active service; not to be penalized by employers and postsecondary institutions.
SECTION 250.49. Annual encampment.
SECTION 250.51. Insult to troops; penalty.
SECTION 250.52. Unlawful to persuade citizens not to enlist; penalty.
SECTION 250.5201. Stay of proceedings where troops called out into state active duty or active duty.
SECTION 250.5202. Actions for rent or possession by landlord during state active duty.
SECTION 250.5204. Installment contracts for purchase of property; penalty.
SECTION 250.5205. Mortgages, trust deeds, etc.; penalty.
SECTION 250.5206. Family Readiness Program.
SECTION 250.531. Drug interdiction responsibilities.
SECTION 250.533. Purpose.
SECTION 250.534. Entry into force and withdrawal.
SECTION 250.535. Definitions; mutual assistance and support.
SECTION 250.536. Responsibilities.
SECTION 250.537. Delegation.
SECTION 250.538. Limitations.
SECTION 250.539. Construction and severability.
SECTION 250.5395. Provision of training and facilities to support illegal drug reduction.
SECTION 250.540. Purposes.
SECTION 250.541. Entry into force and withdrawal.
SECTION 250.542. Definitions; mutual aid.
SECTION 250.543. Delegation.
SECTION 250.544. Limitations.
SECTION 250.545. Construction and severability.
SECTION 250.546. Payment of liability to responding state.
SECTION 250.547. Status, rights, and benefits of forces engaged pursuant to compact.
SECTION 250.548. Injury or death while going to or returning from duty.
SECTION 250.549. Authority of responding state required to relieve from assignment or reassign officers.
SECTION 250.80. Popular name.
SECTION 250.81. Legislative intent.
SECTION 250.82. Applicability of state and federal law.
SECTION 250.83. Construction of part.
SECTION 250.84. Florida Uniformed Servicemembers Protection Act; rights of servicemembers; incorporation by reference.
SECTION 250.905. Penalty.