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  SECTION 589.04. Duties of Florida Forest Service.  

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  • 1(1) 2The Florida Forest Service shall cooperate with federal, state, and local governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other persons to:
    21(a) 22Promote and encourage forest fire protection, forest environmental education, forest land stewardship, good forest management, tree planting and care, forest recreation, and the proper management of public lands.
    50(b) 51Apply for, solicit, and receive grants, funds, services, equipment, and supplies from those agencies, organizations, firms, and individuals.
    69(2) 70All grant proceeds and funds received for these purposes shall be deposited in the Incidental Trust Fund. Expenditures of these funds shall be for the purposes established in this section.
    100(3) 101The Florida Forest Service shall provide direction for the multiple-use management of forest lands owned by the state; serve as the lead management agency for state-owned land primarily suited for forest resource management; and provide to other state agencies having land management responsibilities technical guidance and management plan development for managing the forest resources on state-owned lands managed for other objectives. Multiple-purpose use shall include, but is not limited to, water-resource protection, forest-ecosystems protection, natural-resource-based low-impact recreation, and sustainable timber management for forest products.
    185(4) 186The Florida Forest Service shall begin immediately an aggressive program to reforest and afforest, with appropriate tree species, lands over which the Florida Forest Service has forest resource management responsibility.
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