eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 560.2085. Authorized vendors.  

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  • 1A licensee under this part shall:
    7(1) 8Within 60 days after an authorized vendor commences business, file with the office such information as prescribed by rule together with the nonrefundable location fee as provided by s. 37560.14338. This requirement applies to vendors who are also terminated within the 60-day period.
    52(2) 53Enter into a written contract, signed by the licensee and the authorized vendor, which:
    67(a) 68Sets forth the nature and scope of the relationship between the licensee and the authorized vendor, including the respective rights and responsibilities of the parties; and
    94(b) 95Includes contract provisions that require the authorized vendor to:
    1041. 105Report to the licensee, immediately upon discovery, the theft or loss of currency received for a transmission or payment instrument;
    1252. 126Display a notice to the public, in such form as prescribed by rule, that the vendor is the authorized vendor of the licensee;
    1493. 150Remit all amounts owed to the licensee for all transmissions accepted and all payment instruments sold in accordance with the contract between the licensee and the authorized vendor;
    1784. 179Hold in trust all currency or payment instruments received for transmissions or for the purchase of payment instruments from the time of receipt by the licensee or authorized vendor until the time the transmission obligation is completed;
    2165. 217Not commingle the money received for transmissions accepted or payment instruments sold on behalf of the licensee with the money or property of the authorized vendor, except for making change in the ordinary course of the vendor’s business, and ensure that the money is accounted for at the end of the business day;
    2706. 271Consent to examination or investigation by the office;
    2797. 280Adhere to the applicable state and federal laws and rules pertaining to a money services business; and
    2978. 298Provide such other information or disclosure as may be required by rule.
    310(3) 311Develop and implement written policies and procedures to monitor compliance with applicable state and federal law by its authorized vendors.
History.-s. 33, ch. 2008-177; s. 4, ch. 2009-185.