eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 560.208. Conduct of business.  

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  • 1In addition to the requirements specified in s. 9560.1401, 10a licensee under this part:
    15(1) 16May conduct its business at one or more locations within this state through branches or by means of authorized vendors, as designated by the licensee, including the conduct of business through electronic transfer, such as by the telephone or the Internet.
    57(2) 58Notwithstanding and without violating s. 63501.0117, 64may charge a different price for a money transmitter service based on the mode of transmission used in the transaction as long as the price charged for a service paid for with a credit card is not more than the price charged when the service is paid for with currency or other similar means accepted within the same mode of transmission.
    125(3) 126Is responsible for the acts of its authorized vendors in accordance with the terms of its written contract with the vendor.
    147(4) 148Shall place assets that are the property of a customer in a segregated account in a federally insured financial institution and shall maintain separate accounts for operating capital and the clearing of customer funds.
    182(5) 183Shall, in the normal course of business, ensure that money transmitted is available to the designated recipient within 10 business days after receipt.
    206(6) 207Shall immediately upon receipt of currency or payment instrument provide a confirmation or sequence number to the customer verbally, by paper, or electronically.
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