eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 560.105. Supervisory powers; rulemaking.  

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  • 1(1) 2The office shall:
    5(a) 6Supervise all money services businesses and their authorized vendors.
    15(b) 16Have access to the books and records of persons the office supervises as necessary to carry out the duties and functions of the office under this chapter.
    43(c) 44Issue orders and declaratory statements, disseminate information, and otherwise administer and enforce this chapter and all related rules in order to effectuate the purposes, policies, and provisions of this chapter.
    74(2) 75The commission may adopt rules pursuant to ss. 83120.536(1) 84and 85120.54 86to administer this chapter.
    90(a) 91The commission may adopt rules requiring electronic submission of any forms, documents, or fees required by this chapter, which must reasonably accommodate technological or financial hardship and provide procedures for obtaining an exemption due to a technological or financial hardship.
    131(b) 132Rules adopted to regulate money services businesses, including deferred presentment providers, must be responsive to changes in economic conditions, technology, and industry practices.
History.-s. 1, ch. 94-238; s. 1, ch. 94-354; s. 185, ch. 98-200; s. 688, ch. 2003-261; s. 53, ch. 2006-213; s. 3, ch. 2008-177.

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