eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 553.37. Rules; inspections; and insignia.  

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  • 1(1) 2The Florida Building Commission shall adopt within the Florida Building Code requirements for construction or modification of manufactured buildings and building modules, to address:
    26(a) 27Submittal to and approval by the department of manufacturers’ drawings and specifications, including any amendments.
    42(b) 43Submittal to and approval by the department of manufacturers’ internal quality control procedures and manuals, including any amendments.
    61(c) 62Inspection criteria, which shall require the approved inspection agency to:
    721. 73Observe the first building built, or with regard to components, observe the first unit assembled, after certification of the manufacturer, from start to finish, inspecting all subsystems: electrical, plumbing, structural, mechanical, or thermal.
    1062. 107Continue observation of the manufacturing process until the approved inspection agency determines that the manufacturer’s quality control program, in conjunction with the application of the plans approved by the approved inspection agency, will result in a building and components that meet or exceed the applicable Florida Building Code requirements.
    1563. 157Thereafter, inspect each module produced during at least one point of the manufacturing process and inspect at least 75 percent of the subsystems of each module: electrical, plumbing, structural, mechanical, or thermal.
    1894. 190With respect to components, inspect at least 75 percent of the manufactured building components and at least 20 percent of the storage sheds that are not designed for human habitation and that have a floor area of 720 square feet or less.
    232(2) 233The department shall adopt rules to address:
    240(a) 241Procedures and qualifications for approval of third-party plan review and inspection agencies and of those who perform inspections and plan reviews.
    262(b) 263Investigation of consumer complaints of noncompliance of manufactured buildings with the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code.
    283(c) 284Issuance, cancellation, and revocation of any insignia issued by the department and procedures for auditing and accounting for disposition of them.
    305(d) 306Monitoring the manufacturers’, inspection agencies’, and plan review agencies’ compliance with this part and the Florida Building Code. Monitoring may include, but is not limited to, performing audits of plans, inspections of manufacturing facilities and observation of the manufacturing and inspection process, and onsite inspections of buildings.
    353(e) 354The performance by the department and its designees and contractors of any other functions required by this part.
    372(3) 373After the effective date of the Florida Building Code, no manufactured building, except as provided in subsection (12), may be installed in this state unless it is approved and bears the insignia of approval of the department and a manufacturer’s data plate. Approvals issued by the department under the provisions of the prior part shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of this part.
    438(4) 439All manufactured buildings issued and bearing insignia of approval pursuant to subsection (3) shall be deemed to comply with the Florida Building Code and are exempt from local amendments enacted by any local government.
    473(5) 474No manufactured building bearing department insignia of approval pursuant to subsection (3) shall be in any way modified prior to installation, except in conformance with the Florida Building Code.
    503(6) 504Manufactured buildings which have been issued and bear the insignia of approval pursuant to this part upon manufacture or first sale shall not require an additional approval or insignia by a local government in which they are subsequently sold or installed. Buildings or structures that meet the definition of “open construction” are subject to permitting by the local jurisdiction and are not required to bear insignia.
    570(7) 571If the department determines that the standards for construction and inspection of manufactured buildings prescribed by statute or rule of another state are at least equal to the Florida Building Code and that such standards are actually enforced by such other state, it may provide by rule that the manufactured building which has been inspected and approved by such other state shall be deemed to have been approved by the department and shall authorize the affixing of the appropriate insignia of approval.
    653(8) 654The department, by rule, shall establish a schedule of fees to pay the cost of the administration and enforcement of this part. The rule may provide for manufacturers to pay fees to the administrator directly via the Building Code Information System.
    695(9) 696The department may delegate its enforcement authority to a state department having building construction responsibilities or a local government and may enter into contracts for the performance of its administrative duties under this part. The department may delegate its plan review and inspection authority to one or more of the following in any combination:
    750(a) 751A state department having building construction responsibilities;
    758(b) 759A local government;
    762(c) 763An approved inspection agency;
    767(d) 768An approved plan review agency; or
    774(e) 775An agency of another state.
    780(10) 781The department shall develop an insignia to be affixed to all newly constructed buildings by the manufacturer or the inspection agency prior to the building leaving the plant. The department may charge a fee for issuing such insignias. Such insignias shall bear the department’s name, the state seal, an identification number unique to that insignia, and such other information as the department may require by rule.
    847(11) 848The department shall by rule develop minimum criteria for manufacturer’s data that must be affixed to all newly constructed buildings by the manufacturer prior to the building leaving the plant.
    878(12) 879Custom or one-of-a-kind prototype manufactured buildings are not required to have state approval, but must be in compliance with all local requirements of the governmental agency having jurisdiction at the installation site.
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