eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 517.03. Rulemaking; immunity for acts in conformity with rules.  

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  • 1(1) 2The office shall administer and provide for the enforcement of all the provisions of this chapter. The commission may adopt rules pursuant to ss. 26120.536(1) 27and 28120.54 29to implement the provisions of this chapter conferring powers or duties upon the office, including, without limitation, adopting rules and forms governing reports. The commission shall also have the nonexclusive power to define by rule any term, whether or not used in this chapter, insofar as the definition is not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.
    86(2) 87No provision of this chapter imposing liability shall apply to an act done, or omitted to be done, in conformity with a rule of the commission in existence at the time of the act or omission, even though such rule may thereafter be amended or repealed or determined by judicial or other authority to be invalid for any reason.
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