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  SECTION 489.124. Business records requirements; address of record; service.  

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  • 1(1) 2All contractors who are registered or certified pursuant to this chapter shall maintain complete financial and business records for the immediately preceding 3 years. The business and financial records to be maintained shall include minutes of corporate meetings, business contacts, telephone records, insurance policies, letters of complaint, notices received from government entities, bank statements, canceled checks, records of accounts receivable and payable, financial statements, loan documents, tax returns, and all other business and financial records the contractor maintains in the regular course of business.
    86(2) 87Each certificateholder or registrant of the department shall be solely responsible for notifying the department in writing of the certificateholder’s or registrant’s current mailing address and phone number. If the mailing address is not the certificateholder’s or registrant’s physical address, the certificateholder or registrant shall also supply the physical address.
    137(a) 138A certificateholder’s or registrant’s failure to notify the department of a change of address or phone number shall constitute a violation of this section.
    162(b) 163The certificateholder or registrant shall be responsible for retaining proof that the certificateholder or registrant has notified the department of the certificateholder’s or registrant’s current address of record.
    191(3) 192Notwithstanding any other provision of law, service by regular mail to a certificateholder’s or registrant’s address of record shall constitute adequate and sufficient notice to the certificateholder or registrant for any official communication to the certificateholder or registrant by the board or the department, except when other service is required pursuant to the provisions of s. 248455.224 249or s. 251455.225252.
History.-s. 62, ch. 92-149; s. 15, ch. 93-166.

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