eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 486.025. Powers and duties of the Board of Physical Therapy Practice.  

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  • 1The board may administer oaths, summon witnesses, take testimony in all matters relating to its duties under this chapter, establish or modify minimum standards of practice, and adopt rules pursuant to ss. 33120.536(1) 34and 35120.54 36to implement the provisions of this chapter. The board may also review the standing and reputability of any school or college offering courses in physical therapy and whether the courses of such school or college in physical therapy meet the standards established by the appropriate accrediting agency referred to in s. 87486.031(3)(a)88. In determining the standing and reputability of any such school and whether the school and courses meet such standards, the board may investigate and make personal inspection of the same.
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Note.-Former s. 486.121.