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  SECTION 455.203. Department; powers and duties.  

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  • 1The department, for the boards under its jurisdiction, shall:
    10(1) 11Adopt rules establishing a procedure for the biennial renewal of licenses; however, the department may issue up to a 4-year license to selected licensees notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary. Fees for such renewal shall not exceed the fee caps for individual professions on an annualized basis as authorized by law.
    65(2) 66Appoint the executive director of each board, subject to the approval of the board.
    80(3) 81Submit an annual budget to the Legislature at a time and in the manner provided by law.
    98(4) 99Develop a training program for persons newly appointed to membership on any board. The program shall familiarize such persons with the substantive and procedural laws and rules and fiscal information relating to the regulation of the appropriate profession and with the structure of the department.
    144(5) 145Adopt rules pursuant to ss. 150120.536(1) 151and 152120.54 153to implement the provisions of this chapter.
    160(6) 161Establish by rule procedures by which the department shall use the expert or technical advice of the appropriate board for the purposes of investigation, inspection, evaluation of applications, other duties of the department, or any other areas the department may deem appropriate.
    203(7) 204Require all proceedings of any board or panel thereof and all formal or informal proceedings conducted by the department, an administrative law judge, or a hearing officer with respect to licensing or discipline to be electronically recorded in a manner sufficient to assure the accurate transcription of all matters so recorded.
    255(8) 256Select only those investigators, or consultants who undertake investigations, who meet criteria established with the advice of the respective boards.
    276(9) 277Work cooperatively with the Department of Revenue to implement an automated method for periodically disclosing information relating to current licensees to the Department of Revenue. The purpose of this subsection is to promote the public policy of this state as established in s. 320409.2551321. The department shall, when directed by the court or the Department of Revenue pursuant to s. 338409.2598, 339suspend or deny the license of any licensee found not to be in compliance with a support order, subpoena, order to show cause, or written agreement entered into by the licensee with the Department of Revenue. The department shall issue or reinstate the license without additional charge to the licensee when notified by the court or the Department of Revenue that the licensee has complied with the terms of the support order. The department shall not be held liable for any license denial or suspension resulting from the discharge of its duties under this subsection.
    434(10) 435Have authority to:
    438(a) 439Close and terminate deficient license application files 2 years after the board or the department notifies the applicant of the deficiency; and
    461(b) 462Approve applications for professional licenses that meet all statutory and rule requirements for licensure.
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