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SECTION 409.961. Statutory construction; applicability; rules.  

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  • 1It is the intent of the Legislature that if any conflict exists between the provisions contained in this part and in other parts of this chapter, the provisions in this part control. Sections 34409.96135-409.985 apply only to the Medicaid managed medical assistance program and long-term care managed care program, as provided in this part. The agency shall adopt any rules necessary to comply with or administer this part and all rules necessary to comply with federal requirements. In addition, the department shall adopt and accept the transfer of any rules necessary to carry out the department’s responsibilities for receiving and processing Medicaid applications and determining Medicaid eligibility and for ensuring compliance with and administering this part, as those rules relate to the department’s responsibilities, and any other provisions related to the department’s responsibility for the determination of Medicaid eligibility. Contracts with the agency and a person or entity, including Medicaid providers and managed care plans, necessary to administer the Medicaid program are not rules and are not subject to chapter 120.
History.-s. 2, ch. 2011-134; s. 4, ch. 2012-44.

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