eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 408.063. Dissemination of health care information.  

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  • 1(1) 2The agency, relying on data collected pursuant to this chapter, shall establish a reliable, timely, and consistent information system that distributes information and serves as the basis for the agency’s public education programs. The agency shall seek advice from consumers, health care purchasers, health care providers, health care facilities, health insurers, and local health councils in the development and implementation of its information system. Whenever appropriate, the agency shall use the local health councils for the dissemination of information and education of the public.
    86(2) 87The agency shall publish and disseminate information to the public which will enhance informed decisionmaking in the selection of health care providers, facilities, and services. Such publications may identify average charges for specified services, lengths of stay associated with established diagnostic groups, readmission rates, mortality rates, recommended guidelines for selection and use of health care providers, health care facilities, and health care services, and such other information as the agency deems appropriate.
    159(3) 160The agency shall educate consumers and health care purchasers by conducting or sponsoring seminars and other educational programs at locations throughout the state.
    183(4) 184The agency shall serve as a clearinghouse for information concerning:
    194(a) 195Innovations in the delivery of health care services and the enhancement of competition in the health care market.
    213(b) 214Federal and state legislative initiatives affecting the private health care delivery system and governmental health care programs.
    231(c) 232Health promotion, illness prevention, and wellness in the work setting.
    242(5) 243The agency shall publish annually a comprehensive report of state health expenditures. The report shall identify:
    259(a) 260The contribution of health care dollars made by all payors.
    270(b) 271The dollars expended by type of health care service in Florida.
    282(6) 283The staff of the agency may conduct or sponsor consumer information and education seminars at locations throughout the state and may hold public hearings to solicit consumer concerns or complaints relating to health care costs and make recommendations to the agency for study, action, or investigation.
History.-s. 70, ch. 92-33; s. 13, ch. 98-89.

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