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  SECTION 403.866. Definitions; ss. 403.865-403.876.  

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  • 1As used in ss. 5403.8656-7403.876, 8the term:
    10(1) 11“Domestic wastewater collection system” means pipelines or conduits, pumping stations, and force mains and all other structures, devices, appurtenances, and facilities used for collecting or conducting wastes to an ultimate point for treatment or disposal.
    46(2) 47“Domestic wastewater treatment plant” means any plant or other works used for the purpose of treating, stabilizing, or holding domestic wastes.
    68(3) 69“Operator” means any person, including the owner, who is in onsite charge of the actual operation, supervision, and maintenance of a water treatment plant, water distribution system, or domestic wastewater treatment plant and includes the person in onsite charge of a shift or period of operation during any part of the day.
    121(4) 122“Public water system” has the same meaning as it has in s. 134403.852135.
    136(5) 137“Water distribution system” means those components of a public water system used in conveying water for human consumption from the water treatment plant to the consumer’s property, including pipes, tanks, pumps, and other constructed conveyances.
    172(6) 173“Water treatment plant” means those components of a public water system used in collection, treatment, and storage of water for human consumption, whether or not such components are under the control of the operator of such system.
History.-s. 6, ch. 97-236; s. 8, ch. 2001-270.

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