eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 394.4781. Residential care for psychotic and emotionally disturbed children.  

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  • 1(1) 2DEFINITIONS.3-4As used in this section:
    9(a) 10“Psychotic or severely emotionally disturbed child” means a child so diagnosed by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who has specialty training and experience with children. Such a severely emotionally disturbed child or psychotic child shall be considered by this diagnosis to benefit by and require residential care as contemplated by this section.
    62(b) 63“Department” means the Department of Children and Families.
    71(2) 72FUNDING OF PROGRAM.75-76The department shall provide for the purposes of this section such amount as shall be set forth in the annual appropriations act as payment for part of the costs of residential care for psychotic or severely emotionally disturbed children.
    121(a) 122The department shall provide the necessary application forms and office personnel to administer the purchase-of-service program.
    138(b) 139The department shall review such applications monthly and, in accordance with available funds, the severity of the problems of the child, the availability of the needed residential care, and the financial means of the family involved, approve or disapprove each application. If an application is approved, the department shall contract for or purchase the services of an appropriate residential facility in such amounts as are determined by the annual appropriations act.
    210(c) 211The department is authorized to promulgate such rules as are necessary for the full and complete implementation of the provisions of this section.
    234(d) 235The department shall purchase services only from those facilities which are in compliance with standards promulgated by the department.
    254(4) 255RULE ADOPTION.257-258The department may adopt rules to carry out this section, including rules concerning review and approval of applications for placement, cost sharing, and client eligibility for placement, and rules to ensure that facilities from which the department purchases or contracts for services under this section provide:
    304(a) 305Minimum standards for client care and treatment practices, including ensuring that sufficient numbers and types of qualified personnel are on duty and available at all times to provide necessary and adequate client safety, care, and security.
    341(b) 342Minimum standards for client intake and admission, eligibility criteria, discharge planning, assessment, treatment planning, continuity of care, treatment modalities, service array, medical services, physical health services, client rights, maintenance of client records, and management of the treatment environment, including standards for the use of seclusion, restraints, and time-out.
    390(c) 391Minimum standards for facility operation and administration, fiscal accountability, personnel policies and procedures, and staff education, qualifications, experience, and training.
    411(d) 412Minimum standards for adequate infection control, housekeeping sanitation, disaster planning, firesafety, construction standards, and emergency services.
    428(e) 429Minimum standards for the establishment, organization, and operation of the licensed facility in accordance with program standards of the department.
    449(f) 450Licensing requirements.
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