eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 393.501. Rulemaking.  

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  • 1(1) 2The agency may adopt rules pursuant to ss. 10120.536(1) 11and 12120.54 13to carry out its statutory duties.
    19(2) 20Such rules must address the number of facilities on a single lot or on adjacent lots, except that there is no restriction on the number of facilities designated as community residential homes located within a planned residential community as those terms are defined in s. 65419.001(1)66. In adopting rules, an alternative living center and an independent living education center, as described in s. 84393.18, 85are subject to s. 89419.001, 90except that such centers are exempt from the 1,000-foot-radius requirement of s. 103419.001(2) 104if:
    105(a) 106The centers are located on a site zoned in a manner that permits all the components of a comprehensive transitional education center to be located on the site; or
    135(b) 136There are no more than three such centers within a radius of 1,000 feet.
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