eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 373.418. Rulemaking; preservation of existing authority.  

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  • 1(1) 2It is the intent of the Legislature that stormwater management systems be regulated under this part incorporating all of existing requirements contained in or adopted pursuant to this chapter and chapter 403. Neither the department nor governing boards are limited or prohibited from amending any regulatory requirement applicable to stormwater management systems in accordance with the provisions of this part. It is further the intent of the Legislature that all current exemptions under this chapter and chapter 403 shall remain in full force and effect and that this act shall not be construed to remove or alter these exemptions.
    101(2) 102In order to preserve existing requirements, all rules of the department or governing boards existing on July 1, 1989, except for rule 17-25.090, Florida Administrative Code, shall be applicable to stormwater management systems and continue in full force and effect unless amended or replaced by future rulemaking in accordance with this part.
    154(3) 155The department or governing boards have authority to adopt rules pursuant to ss. 168120.536(1) 169and 170120.54 171to implement the provisions of this part. Such rules shall be consistent with the water resource implementation rule and shall not allow harm to water resources or be contrary to the policy set forth in s. 207373.016208.
    209(4) 210The department or the governing boards are authorized to adopt by rule performance criteria for the review of groundwater discharge of stormwater. Upon adoption of such performance criteria the department shall not require a separate groundwater permit for permitted stormwater facilities.
History.-s. 15, ch. 89-279; s. 22, ch. 97-160; s. 86, ch. 98-200.