eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 366.055. Availability of, and payment for, energy reserves.  

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  • 1(1) 2Energy reserves of all utilities in the Florida energy grid shall be available at all times to ensure that grid reliability and integrity are maintained. The commission is authorized to take such action as is necessary to assure compliance. However, prior commitments as to energy use:
    48(a) 49In interstate commerce, as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission;
    60(b) 61Between one electric utility and another, which have been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; or
    78(c) 79Between an electric utility which is a part of the energy grid created herein and another energy grid

    97shall not be abridged or altered except during an energy emergency as declared by the Governor and Cabinet.

    115(2)(a) 116When the energy produced by one electric utility is transferred to another or others through the energy grid and under the powers granted by this section, the commission shall direct the appropriate recipient utility or utilities to reimburse the producing utility in accordance with the latest wholesale electric rates approved for the producing utility by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for such purposes.
    179(b) 180Any utility which provides a portion of those transmission facilities involved in the transfer of energy from a producing utility to a recipient utility or utilities shall be entitled to receive an appropriate reimbursement commensurate with the transmission facilities and services provided. However, no utility shall be required to sell purchased power to a recipient utility or utilities at a rate lower than the rate at which the power is purchased from a producing utility.
    255(3) 256To assure efficient and reliable operation of a state energy grid, the commission shall have the power to require any electric utility to transmit electrical energy over its transmission lines from one utility to another or as a part of the total energy supply of the entire grid, subject to the provisions hereof.
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