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  SECTION 334.048. Legislative intent with respect to department management accountability and monitoring systems.  

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  • 1The department shall implement the following accountability and monitoring systems to evaluate whether the department’s goals are being accomplished efficiently and cost-effectively, and ensure compliance with all laws, rules, policies, and procedures related to the department’s operations:
    38(1) 39The Transportation Commission shall monitor those aspects of the department’s operations as assigned in s. 5420.2355.
    56(2) 57The secretary shall ensure that accountability and monitoring systems are fully integrated, that the systems provide useful information for department managers to assess program performance, and that department managers take corrective actions when necessary.
    91(3) 92The central office shall adopt policies, rules, procedures, and standards which are necessary for the department to function properly, including establishing accountability for all aspects of the department’s operations.
    121(4) 122The central office shall monitor the districts and central office units that provide transportation programs to assess performance; determine compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and procedures; and provide useful information for department managers to take corrective action when necessary.
    162(5) 163All department managers shall be accountable for the implementation and enforcement of all laws, rules, policies, and procedures adopted for their areas of responsibilities.
    187(6) 188The inspector general shall provide to the secretary independent evaluations of the department’s accountability and central office monitoring systems to assess whether such systems are effective and properly operating.

    217Such systems are herein established to quickly identify and resolve problems, to hold responsible parties accountable, and to ensure that all costs to the taxpayer are recovered.

History.-s. 39, ch. 90-136; s. 3, ch. 95-153.

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