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  SECTION 316.2074. All-terrain vehicles.  

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  • 1(1) 2It is the intent of the Legislature through the adoption of this section to provide safety protection for minors while operating an all-terrain vehicle in this state.
    29(2) 30As used in this section, the term “all-terrain vehicle” means any motorized off-highway vehicle 50 inches or less in width, having a dry weight of 1,200 pounds or less, designed to travel on three or more nonhighway tires, and manufactured for recreational use by one or more persons. For the purposes of this section, “all-terrain vehicle” also includes a “two-rider ATV” as defined in s. 96317.000397.
    98(3) 99No person under 16 years of age shall operate, ride, or be otherwise propelled on an all-terrain vehicle unless the person wears a safety helmet meeting United States Department of Transportation standards and eye protection.
    134(4) 135If a crash results in the death of any person or in the injury of any person which results in treatment of the person by a physician, the operator of each all-terrain vehicle involved in the crash shall give notice of the crash pursuant to s. 181316.066182.
    183(5) 184Except as provided in this section, an all-terrain vehicle may not be operated upon the public roads, streets, or highways of this state, except as otherwise permitted by the managing state or federal agency.
    218(6) 219An all-terrain vehicle having four wheels may be used by police officers on public beaches designated as public roadways for the purpose of enforcing the traffic laws of the state. All-terrain vehicles may also be used by the police to travel on public roadways within 5 miles of beach access only when getting to and from the beach.
    277(7) 278An all-terrain vehicle having four wheels may be used by law enforcement officers on public roads within public lands while in the course and scope of their duties.
    306(8) 307A violation of this section is a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a nonmoving violation as provided in chapter 318.
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