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  SECTION 288.06561. Reduction or waiver of financial match requirements.  

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  • 1Notwithstanding any other law, the member agencies and organizations of the Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI), as defined in s. 21288.0656(6)(a), 22shall review the financial match requirements for projects in rural areas as defined in s. 37288.0656(2)38.
    39(1) 40Each agency and organization shall develop a proposal to waive or reduce the match requirement for rural areas.
    58(2) 59Agencies and organizations shall ensure that all proposals are submitted to the department for review by the REDI agencies.
    78(3) 79These proposals shall be delivered to the department for distribution to the REDI agencies and organizations. A meeting of REDI agencies and organizations must be called within 30 days after receipt of such proposals for REDI comment and recommendations on each proposal.
    121(4) 122Waivers and reductions must be requested by the county or community, and such county or community must have three or more of the factors identified in s. 149288.0656(2)(c)150.
    151(5) 152Any other funds available to the project may be used for financial match of federal programs when there is fiscal hardship, and the match requirements may not be waived or reduced.
    183(6) 184When match requirements are not reduced or eliminated, donations of land, though usually not recognized as an in-kind match, may be permitted.
    206(7) 207To the fullest extent possible, agencies and organizations shall expedite the rule adoption and amendment process if necessary to incorporate the reduction in match by rural areas in fiscal distress.
    237(8) 238REDI shall include in its annual report an evaluation on the status of changes to rules, number of awards made with waivers, and recommendations for future changes.
History.-s. 5, ch. 2001-201; s. 14, ch. 2009-51; s. 144, ch. 2011-142.

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