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  SECTION 196.121. Homestead exemptions; forms.  

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  • 1(1) 2The Department of Revenue shall provide, by electronic means or other methods designated by the department, forms to be filed by taxpayers claiming to be entitled to a homestead exemption and shall prescribe the content of such forms by rule.
    42(2) 43The forms shall require the taxpayer to furnish certain information to the property appraiser for the purpose of determining that the taxpayer is a permanent resident as defined in s. 73196.012(16)74. Such information may include, but need not be limited to, the factors enumerated in s. 90196.01591.
    92(3) 93The forms shall also contain the following:
    100(a) 101Notice of the tax lien which can be imposed pursuant to s. 113196.161114.
    115(b) 116Notice that information contained in the application will be provided to the Department of Revenue and may also be provided to any state in which the applicant has previously resided.
    146(c) 147A requirement that the applicant read or have read to him or her the contents of the form.
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Note.-Former s. 192.15.

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