eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 161.144. Policy guidance related to sand source management.  

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  • 1The Legislature recognizes that beach-quality sand for the nourishment of the state’s critically eroded beaches is an exhaustible resource, in ever-decreasing supply, and must be carefully managed for the systemwide benefit of the state’s beaches. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to s. 45161.161 46and in cooperation with federal and local government agencies, shall develop and maintain an inventory of identified offshore sand sources as part of the regional elements of its comprehensive long-term beach management plan. Offshore sand sources in state or federal waters which are identified for potential, proposed, or permitted use shall be clearly mapped or otherwise noted and readily available for public review. In addition, boards of county commissioners of coastal counties adjacent to sand sources proposed for use outside of the region or subregion shall be provided written notice by the department and an opportunity to comment during a specific project’s planning and permitting stages. The department shall identify in its annual list of local government funding requests submitted to the Legislature, pursuant to s. 172161.091, 173those projects that propose to use sand sources from another region or subregion at the time the list is submitted.
History.-s. 4, ch. 2007-99.

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