eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 161.091. Beach management; funding; repair and maintenance strategy.  

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  • 1(1) 2Subject to such appropriations as the Legislature may make therefor from time to time, disbursements from the Ecosystem Management and Restoration Trust Fund may be made by the department in order to carry out the proper state responsibilities in a comprehensive, long-range, statewide beach management plan for erosion control; beach preservation, restoration, and nourishment; and storm and hurricane protection. Legislative intent in appropriating such funds is for the implementation of those projects that contribute most significantly to addressing the state’s beach erosion problems.
    85(2) 86The department shall develop a multiyear repair and maintenance strategy that:
    97(a) 98Encourages regional approaches to ensure the geographic coordination and sequencing of prioritized projects;
    111(b) 112Reduces equipment mobilization and demobilization costs;
    118(c) 119Maximizes the infusion of beach-quality sand into the system;
    128(d) 129Extends the life of beach nourishment projects and reduces the frequency of nourishment; and
    143(e) 144Promotes inlet sand bypassing to replicate the natural flow of sand interrupted by improved, modified, or altered inlets and ports.
    164(3) 165In accordance with the intent expressed in s. 173161.088 174and the legislative finding that erosion of the beaches of this state is detrimental to tourism, the state’s major industry, further exposes the state’s highly developed coastline to severe storm damage, and threatens beach-related jobs, which, if not stopped, may significantly reduce state sales tax revenues, funds deposited into the State Treasury to the credit of the Ecosystem Management and Restoration Trust Fund, in the annual amounts provided in s. 244201.15, 245shall be used, for a period of not less than 15 years, to fund the development, implementation, and administration of the state’s beach management plan, as provided in ss. 274161.091275-276161.212, 277prior to the use of such funds deposited pursuant to s. 288201.15 289in that trust fund for any other purpose.
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