eLaws of Florida

  SECTION 161.0535. Permits; fees, costs.  

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  • 1The department may establish by rule a fee schedule and may assess fees for the filing, processing, and issuance of permits issued under ss. 25161.041 26and 27161.05328. The fee schedule must contain categories of permits based on the varying costs of evaluating applications for different types of proposed construction. The fee schedule must be based on the actual costs of administering these permitting programs. Moneys from fees assessed under this section must be deposited into the Florida Permit Fee Trust Fund. The department may also assess the applicant for the costs of public notice by publication prior to the consideration of these permit applications; alternatively, the department may require an applicant to publish, at the applicant’s expense, in a newspaper of general circulation within the affected area, a notice of receipt of the application and a notice of the intended agency action.
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