eLaws of Florida


SECTION 1. Constitution of 1885 superseded.
SECTION 2. Property taxes; millages.
SECTION 3. Officers to continue in office.
SECTION 4. State commissioner of education.
SECTION 5. Superintendent of schools.
SECTION 6. Laws preserved.
SECTION 7. Rights reserved.
SECTION 8. Public debts recognized.
SECTION 9. Bonds.
SECTION 10. Preservation of existing government.
SECTION 11. Deletion of obsolete schedule items.
SECTION 12. Senators.
SECTION 13. Legislative apportionment.
SECTION 14. Representatives; terms.
SECTION 15. Special district taxes.
SECTION 16. Reorganization.
SECTION 17. Conflicting provisions.
SECTION 18. Bonds for housing and related facilities.
SECTION 19. Renewable energy source property.
SECTION 20. Access to public records.
SECTION 21. State revenue limitation.
SECTION 22. Historic property exemption and assessment.
SECTION 23. Fish and wildlife conservation commission.
SECTION 24. Executive branch reform.
SECTION 25. Schedule to Article V amendment.
SECTION 26. Increased homestead exemption.
SECTION 27. Property tax exemptions and limitations on property tax assessments.
SECTION 28. Property tax exemption and classification and assessment of land used for conservation purposes.
SECTION 29. Limitation on the assessed value of real property used for residential purposes.
SECTION 30. Assessment of working waterfront property.
SECTION 31. Additional ad valorem tax exemption for certain members of the armed forces deployed on active duty outside of the United States.
SECTION 32. Veterans disabled due to combat injury; homestead property tax discount.
SECTION 33. Ad valorem tax relief for surviving spouses of veterans who died from service-connected causes and first responders who died in the line of duty.